Architectural Masterpiece Versus Just Another Building: Unlocking Real Estate Value Through Design

A compositional show-stopper is a structure that has been painstakingly planned by the modeler to draw out a specific uniqueness.

Structures, for example, the Sydney Opera House developed somewhere in the range of 1957 and 1973 and planned by Architect Jorn Utzon from Denmark are works of art that will everlastingly become significant tourist spots because of their remarkable plans.

A model in Kenya is the Kenyatta International Conference Center which has graced the fronts of postcards for quite a long time since it was built.

From Rahimtulla common stone completions

The KICC building was planned by Norwegian Architect Karl Henric Nostoric in 1967. The modeler was enlivened by the customary African design, fundamentally the hovel. The late president Jomo Kenyatta was likewise instrumental in managing the engineer with respect to the African idea.

This drew out a one of a kind Architectural work of art which has consistently won the hearts and eyes of numerous Kenyans to be the best planned elevated structure in Nairobi.

The utilization of only one tone and unpleasant surface on the outside that looks near the customary African adobe house expands the stylish allure in that its agreeable to see it doesn’t look excessively ‘occupied’ like other tall structures that have multi tones and surfaces on the outside.

The ideal equalization accomplished through the state of the tall structure versus the pyramid likewise helps in making the stylish allure.

No other structure in Nairobi CDB can compare to KICC.

Opening VALUE

Structures that have been intended to be exceptional ordinarily give better re-visitations of their proprietors as far as rents.

Since the structures are alluring, they will consistently have a more popularity for lease subsequently the lease shoots up. Generally wealthy organizations require such structures which are milestones in themselves. This aides in their advertising since their clients can undoubtedly relate their area consequently more business. It thusly works out as a success win circumstance between the land master and the inhabitants in that the land ruler charges a higher lease while the occupants have more clients due to their renowned and prominent physical location.


Engineers who get land in a zone that is commonly seen as unwanted can utilize building configuration to improve the estimation of their land.

A genuine model is the Motor World Center at the Jogoo street/Landhies street indirect. The region has a few unkempt structures that would not get serious rents in the commercial center. The Motor World Center has been remarkably intended to be alluring accordingly its actual potential is acknowledged despite the fact that its encompassed by the un-looked after structures.


Private structures planned exceptionally consistently pull in a bigger number of occupants than the conventional ones. In Kenya, lamentably, the lodging deficiency is around 100,000 units for every year.This implies that even inadequately planned structures will pull in occupants. In different nations, for example, South Africa where the lodging shortage isn’t high, its plan that sells. The all around planned houses will sell quicker than the gravely planned ones. In this way, most engineers in these nations generally put a great deal of accentuation on configuration to have the option to pull in purchasers and occupants.

Since structures keep going for many years, its fitting for a designer to demand their draftsman to think of a novel plan since as time cruises by, the lodging shortage continues decreasing so there will come a period where the plan will be the absolute most significant factor in pulling in great rents.