October 2018

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I Want To Sell My Luxury Home And Keep It A Secret – Selling Millionaire Homes; The Dilemma


Selling a millionaire home is hugely different than selling any other type of real estate. Many owners quite rightly do not want Luxury home window shoppers trampling over their marble floors. Millionaire home owners by their very nature can be newsworthy individuals. So opening your doors to just anybody is simply not on.

Proud of what they have achieved

Owning a home that makes us mere mortals slip off into a dream-like state is a huge achievement. So the first question a buyer wants to ask is why you are selling. Have you hit hard times? Is your business about to collapse? Are you going through a divorce? Have you got an expensive legal case to pay for? The millionaire home owner does not want the world to know about any negative side to their financial situation. These types of questions are not only a source of embarrassment but could actually affect an individual’s business.

I want to have a peek at how they live!

Well I admit it I want to have a look at that stunning luxury home. We are all curious and when it comes to luxury homes, we would all like to marvel at the tennis courts, swimming pool, helicopter landing pad, and designer bedrooms. So to sell a home you must not only be able to understand the seller but also the average buyer. This will help reduce unnecessary intrusion into the lives of Millionaire home owners selling a luxury home.

Some home truths for Millionaire dollar home owners

To sell a home it unfortunately requires marketing. The Luxury home buyer is a rare breed and they need to see pictures and learn intimate details about your home. But most of all they need to find your million dollar home for sale. The more expensive a home the more likely that the buyer will be from out of state or even from overseas. Marketing your luxury home on the internet will be essential. Find a property web site that represents similar homes and is not hard to find. You will need a web site that is found easily in the search engines. For example go to the world’s busiest search engine and type a typical search term that a luxury home buyer may use.

For example

Millionaire homes,

Millionaire houses,

Million dollar homes,

Luxury homes.

Choose an agent or property web site that makes your home easy to find. The trick is getting a genuine buyer who has the means and intention to buy a luxury home. Our experience shows that genuine buyers will not mind being subject to a few searching questions. This is especially the case if they are really keen about buying your millionaire home.

Your secret is safe

This special part of the housing market requires people that can show empathy for both buyers and sellers. Getting into the mind of a luxury home owner and understanding the mindset of millionaire home owners is not only professional but is essential.


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Luxury Homes

Reasons Why an Auction Is a Preferred Way for Selling Your Luxury Home

Laguna Beach Cali Auction

In the recent past, a little over 20,000 luxury properties were considered for selling and it was approximated that their worth was more than $ 1 million. This depicts an overall increase as compared with the figure two years ago.

Simultaneously, it cannot be denied that the worth of luxury estates within the real estate market has considerably lessened and this decrease is in the region of 25%. The worth of luxury homes have lessened considerably and this can be seen more so in the distinct areas like California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Michigan.

There are numerous owners of homes who wish to steer clear of the possibility of their home not being sold, and this is primarily the reason why they are resorting to the option of seeking the assistance of competent auction companies to lend a hand in procuring the maximum worth speedily as contrasting the option of waiting months or years to sell all the way through the conventional listing technique.

A majority of the owners of luxury homes, who wish to sell their homes in the real estate market, are forced to do so due to recession. If you are also a probable owner of a luxury property, it is worthwhile to consider the option of selling your home and in this regard it is better not to put too much emphasis on its actual worth, otherwise you could be reduced to a state wherein you are unable to sell the home at all. In such a scenario, it is feasible to seek recourse to the auction procedure.

It is an undeniable actuality that in this day and age, what with the sluggish state of the economy, it is quite a challenging task trying to sell your luxury home. In fact, sellers are obligated to wait for an indefinite time span prior to selling their luxury home and this is achieved at a price which is quite literally unimaginable for a luxury home. When we get down to the actual fact of perceiving the worth of a property, as well as the price at which it is capable of selling, the price which you ask for is the initial aspect in ascertaining if the seller of the luxury home is really willing to put up his home for the purpose of auctioning.

It is a fact that the auction process proffers additional advantages as compared with the conventional listing or else sales procedures. One advantage which is significant is that of time as well as the linked time worth of the actual cost which is actually captured within the purview of a malfunctioning state within the real estate market. Though the sellers of luxury homes are quite motivated in this day and age, it is also a fact that for them, the worth of these properties is quite less.

Auctioning is thus an ideal way for selling your luxury home. This is also a chosen process for the sellers who perceive this to be a fast as well as effectual process for inviting numerous buyers simultaneously for selling your luxury home.


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