June 2018

Luxury Homes

Should You Go Green When Furnishing a Luxury Home?


Living in a luxury home means being afforded other non-traditional luxuries, as well; the ability to improve the environment and limit your carbon footprint by “going green.” People assume that “living green” means giving up modern conveniences, depriving oneself of nice things or putting much more time and energy into the environmentally-friendly movement.

In fact, it is a lot easier to go and stay green with technology making the incredible strides that it is.

Furnishing a luxury home in a more eco-friendly way can be done in four easy steps:

1) Think: sustainable wood. This is much easier on the environment because it does not involve stripping forests and carelessly cutting down bundles of trees. In fact, it could be called recycled wood; it is often taken from old furniture and refurnished into something new. Reasonably priced, you can find just about anything made from sustainable wood.

2) Think: recycled materials. This is actually a growing trend in the modern environmentally-friendly home. Lines of furniture are being promoted, all from recycled materials. Anything can be recycled and add something unique to your luxury home.

3) Think: durability. Choose furniture that is going to last you a while. If you are constantly having to replace furniture, it takes much more time and energy than finding something to do the job for a good while. In fact, tired furniture doesn’t need to be tossed right away; a nice new paint job can spruce anything up again. If you do have to throw it out, think about making it a hand-me-down instead.

4) Think: bamboo! Bamboo is one of the greenest materials that can be used because it grows so quickly! It is easy to grow and replace, making it difficult to run out of. It is durable, can withstand weathering and the normal wear and tear of a household. It’s great for outdoors, but makes a great indoor set of furniture, too.

In the end, the environment cannot be replenished as quickly as most would believe; we need to do our part to make sure we are not going without in generations to come. Individually, we can do our part to be more eco-friendly around the house. Furniture has never been greener, and taking advantage of it is easy. Luxury living is nothing but enhanced by furnishing your home in a way that is environmentally-conscious. Along side the issue of “greener” furniture, there are luxury items that have gone green, as well:

1) Logitech has come out with a new cordless/wireless solar keyboard that has panels allowing charge using indoor or outdoor lighting. Disposable batteries, countless tangled wires are a thing of the past!

2) The new WeWood watches put the “luxury” into luxury living. These watches are made out of sustainable wood and are charming and beautiful items to have. They are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them a very eco-friendly addition to any home!

3) In the same way, there are now earphones made entirely of sustainable wood. Playing off of the excellent resonation quality that is food in wood, the earphones are recyclable, convenient and very green.

Technology is a big reason why the environment is suffering so much; electronic goods are the cause of much waste that piles up, not recycled, each year. Technology is also a great tool for becoming green and maintaining that lifestyle in the home, it just depends on how it is used. Be cautious, get informed and think greener when transforming your house into a luxury home.


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House Investment

Building Your Own House – Investing in Solar Power

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Some of us are fortunate enough to consider building our own house. When deciding for a new house, we must consider a lot of different options and one of the facts we need to consider is also if the house will still be useful after few decades. To make sure we are going to be able to use our house for as long as possible with as little cost as possible, we need to make sure to build in as much green energy as possible. In this article, I would like to present you why I believe you should consider investing into solar power.

The fact is that the best time to invest in solar energy is when you build your house and not few years later when solar energy becomes more popular. If you want to use solar energy in the future, you need to think about that now. I’m not saying it will be impossible, but it will be much more expensive and frustrating to build in solar power when the house will already be built.

Other reason are savings – with solar power, you will be able to evidently cut back your electric bill. Why would you want to start saving money after few years and not now? One of obvious reasons is the investment itself – solar panels cost money. Yes they do, but who knows whether they will be cheaper in the future or not. They might get so popular that they will be more expensive. Not to mention the fact that electricity won’t get cheaper (it will probably be much more expensive, especially if we will use it as fuel for our cars).

When you have decided that solar panels are correct choice for you, make sure you build home that will make good use of produced electricity (good doors and windows, low energy kitchen appliances…). In few years, when solar panel investment will pay off, you will notice how much money you are saving.


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